How Women Should Perform Hajj: Step-By-Step Guide

Hajj, the fifth pillar of Islam, provides an equal opportunity to Muslim men and women to cleanse their souls and seek forgiveness for past sins. Hajj is not only an obligatory duty for men, but it is also a religious obligation for Muslim women as well. Muslim women who can afford Hajj financially and physically must embark on this journey to fulfill this religious duty and seek spiritual enlightenment.

Some Muslim women born and raised in America are unaware of the fact Hajj is obligatory for them, some of them do not have any knowledge about the Hajj rituals, so they do things during Hajj that is not appropriate to do in Ihram state and even disprove the Hajj. Allah has made Hajj obligatory upon Muslims, and it is the jihad for Women, as the Prophet PBUH said to Hazrat Ayesha, Narrated by Al-Bukhari, “Your Jihad is Hajj.”

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Rules of Hajj for Women

There are some rules that are specifically made for women who want to perform Hajj. Ask your Hajj packages 2024 for US to provide Hajj for women guidelines. These rules of Hajj for women ensure their Hajj is accepted and rewarded. As Prophet PBUH said, “Hajj brings no less reward than Paradise.”

  1. Sincere Towards Allah: Book Hajj packages 2024 for US early and prepare spiritually for the momentous journey. Sincerity is the foremost condition for any worship. Hajj is considered valid and accepted if one performs it with a sincere heart only to please Allah. If Allah has invited you to His house, be sincere towards Allah and avoid showing off your Hajj details to those who can’t afford it. Showing off discredits good actions, and Allah may not be pleased with them for such actions.
  2. Follow the Sunnah: Following the Sunnah is the second condition necessary to fulfill while embarking on this journey. Securing Hajj packages 2024 enables Muslims to perform Hajj. However, Hajj is not all about traveling from one place to another, series of Hajj rituals demands pure intentions, sincerity and devotion. Following Sunnah is another rule of Hajj for women and men. Prophet Muhammad PBUH said, as Narrated by Muslim, ” Whoever does any action that is not in accordance with this matter of ours, will have it rejected.” This means everyone should follow Sunnah to make their Hajj accepted. Hajj packages 2024 also offers religious books answering Hajj for women queries.
  3. Ihram in Hajj for Women:Ihram consists of two white unsewn sheets. It is compulsory for male pilgrims to wear Ihram during pilgrimages, while women may enter Ihram state in any regular but modest clothing. However, the clothing must not display tabarruj or show off. Women also must be careful about choosing their clothes and avoid choosing clothes resembling men. There is no specific evidence from history that shows a specific colour, such as green or white, is necessary for women to wear.
  4. No Perfume Application: Pilgrims are not allowed to use perfume after entering the state of Ihram. Women can not wash their face with any scented face wash, the use of scented soap, body cream, lotion, and shampoo is prohibited in Ihram. These scented items are not allowed to be used on Ihram and body as well.

5.     Cutting Nails or Hair: Cutting hair and nails is not allowed in Hajj for women. Women must cut hair and clip nails after completing Hajj and leaving Ihram state.

  1. Face and Hand Covering: After securing Hajj packages 2024, it is advisable to learn the Hajj rituals and conditions that are necessary to fulfill. Among certain conditions for Hajj for women, muhrimah (women in Ihram state) are not allowed to cover their faces with burqa or niqab. Women also are not allowed to wear gloves. Prophet Muhammad PBUH said, “Women should not wear niqab or gloves (during Hajj).” Narrated by Sahi ul-Bukhari. Check the rules for Hajj for women in Hajj packages 2024 guide.
  2. Misconception about Menstruation: Some women who happen to be menstruating think that they can not enter Ihram from Miqat due to this condition. So they pass the Miqat with this misconception. This is a mistake, according to Islamic Scholars. Menstruation does not forbid women to enter the Ihram state. Women can enter the Ihram state and do rituals (except Tawaf). Hajj for women is not as complicated as made by Muslims themselves. Women can perform Tawaf after leaving the menstruation state. Woman must delay Tawaf until she becomes pure. If a woman passes Miqat without entering Ihram state, she has to go back to Miqat to enter Ihram state. If she can not go back to Miqat, then she has to pay a penalty, she has to offer a sacrifice of an animal.
  3. Niyyah with a Stipulation: If, for some reason, a woman fears that she will not be able to complete Hajj, She may make Niyyah with a stipulation while entering a state of Ihram by saying, ” Oh Allah, I will exit the state of Ihram from the point You have prevented me. With a stipulation, this Niyyah offers the benefit of not paying Fidyah to leave Ihram state without completing Hajj. However, woman leaving Ihram must cut her hair.
  4. Reciting Talbiyah:Get Hajj for Women guide from your Hajj packages 2024 provider. Women should not recite Talbiyah loudly. Woman must recite Talbiyah in a low voice so that it can only be heard by the woman herself or one next to her. Women must recite Talbiyah after entering a state of Ihram and recite until leaving the Ihram state on the Day of Sacrifice, the tenth of Zilhijjah.
  5. Period After Tawaf: If the menstruation happens after Tawaf but before Sa’I, she should complete the Sa’I ritual even if she is on her period because purity is not a condition to perform Sa’I. Women can also take pills to delay menstruation to perform rituals without any stress.
  6. Consider Less Crowding:Understand the conditions of Hajj for Women before securing Hajj packages 2024. Women should choose a time for Tawaf when there is less crowding. Women should be careful while performing rituals with men, especially during Tawaf, touching Black Stone, Sa’I and stoning the Jamarat. As stated in history, Hazrat Ayesha (May Allah be pleased with her) prefers doing Tawaf in less crowding and away from men.
  7. Leave Muzdalifah before Dawn: As stated in many guides of Hajj for Women. Women can leave Muzdalifah before dawn. Prophet PBUH allowed some women to leave Muzdalifah before dawn, especially those who were weak. This permission allowed women to stone Jamarat before the area became crowded.
  8. Showing Hair to Men: A woman is not allowed to show her hair to a non-mehram man.
  9. Sleep in front of Men: Women should not sleep in front of men. This is something often seen during pilgrimages. This happens mostly when women traveling with families or in groups sleep on streets, sidewalks or under bridges because to lower the cost of Hajj packages 2024, they avoid getting accommodations. This is something that needs to be stopped.
  10. Farewell Tawaf: Women should not sleep in front of men. This is something often seen during pilgrimages. This happens mostly when women traveling with families or in groups sleep on streets, sidewalks or under bridges because to lower the cost of Hajj packages 2024, they avoid getting accommodations. This is something that needs to be stopped.


 Securing Hajj packages 2024 for US and embarking on this journey is indeed a unique experience for Muslims worldwide. By following this step-by-step guide to Hajj for women, women can ensure a comfortable and stress-free journey. Most Hajj packages 2024 for US cover needs of Women, by providing facilities for pre-Hajj sessions and offline resources. The Hajj pilgrimage is an obligation, and proper guidance of Hajj for women should be included in Hajj packages 2024 for US to ensure a smooth and enriching spiritual experience.

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